An American cancer specialist has developed a rapid version of acupuncture, the ancient Chinese healing practice. After serving as a military doctor for 30 years, Dr. Richard Niemtzow wanted to find a way to help relieve the pain of battlefield injuries without relying on narcotics and similar medications. 
As in traditional acupuncture, Dr. Niemtzow’s variation involves inserting specialized needles at specific points. But unlike traditional practice, rapid acupuncture utilizes only acupoints in the ear, and the needles are designed to remain in place for several days.
•Rapid results: A few minutes to a few hours
•Broad application: One treatment can relieve many types of pain, both physical and emotional
•Long-term relief: As long as a year
•High success rate: 80-85%
What to expect during and after a treatment 
• Minimum preparation: no need to disrobe or lie down
• Semi-permanent needles: designed to remain in place after the treatment
• Fast relief: within minutes for the vast majority of patients 
•Delayed response: 5-10% of patients may experience no change in their pain level for 24-48 hours
• Healing crisis: For some patients, the pain may get worse before it gets better

Rapid acupuncture was developed by Dr. Richard Niemtzow, an American oncologist, to achieve fast relief for acute and chronic pain—physical and mental.  Also known as battlefield acupuncture, rapid acupuncture is effective for all types of pain, including sports injuries, pre- and post-operative pain, chronic pain (headaches, backaches, joint pain, fibromyalgia), anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

I became interested in rapid acupuncture, completed the training designed by Dr. Niemtzow, and am now a certified practitioner of rapid acupuncture.